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Being Mindfully Aware

Updated: Feb 18

If we are to hone our mind to appreciate and understand anything accurately, then the best place to start is within ourselves.

Through active mindfulness practice, we can begin to increase our awareness of the thought patterns that dominate our minds, and what stories or meanings we are creating as a result of them.

It's only through doing this that we can begin to master our minds and influence our emotions in far more empowering ways. By observing our thoughts and simply being present with them, we empower ourselves to appreciate the thought for what it is. Just thought!

If we just action our ability to step back and cease believing every mindless thought that pops into our heads, we become free from those thoughts and consequential emotions we experience as a result of focussing on them.

By doing this we create space in our universal minds to establish a greater appreciation for truth, rather than being held captive by the thoughts we have and the limitations of our perceptions.

When we relax enough in our minds, it's only then that we can gain the clarity and insights that we seek.

This is the gift of mindfulness, to step out of the unconscious, mindless automatic brain functioning that most of us are programmed to embrace as children, and increase our awareness of ourselves, other people and the immediate environments in which we live. This is what gives us the inner peace that we desire.

For further free handouts and worksheets around Mindfulness check out our resource page on the website https://www.emotion-in-motion.org/resources-page

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