Access to our project will be via referral from education, healthcare and  youth/social organisations. Schools and colleges will be able to arrange for the workshops to be delivered within their settings or can attend with students at one of the Arts Councils bridge organisations. 


We work closely in accordance with the goals outlined within the Arts Councils 10 year strategic plan. The experience the young people will gain will be in accordance with the quality framework as outlined by the Arts Council following the 7 principles of:

  • Striving for excellence

  • Being authentic

  • Being exciting/inspiring/engaging

  • Positive child-centred experience

  • Actively involving young people

  • Providing a sense of personal progression

  • Developing a sense of ownership


Our overall aim is for young people to engage with the art of dance to enhance and grow their vocabulary and improvisation skills through creative mentoring. Through the development of dance styles, techniques & drills; improvisation will be encouraged to express thoughts, feelings and emotions. They will be encouraged to study performance pieces to enhance their kno wledge and understanding of the art form and culture whilst developing transferable life skills around creating positive change, social inclusion, positive mental health through the delivery of psycho-education. To continue to be part of a community and culture which encourages guidance and develops their growth positively into adulthood to become a positive member of society. 


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