Clair Byrne is a creative with a background in professional dance, mental health nursing and child & adolescent counselling. Clair has worked for the award winning national eating disorder & mental health charity First Steps ED in the children & young peoples team and currently works with Derby Theatre as a creative mentor and Broxtowe Women's project as a children's specialist support officer.  She has worked in both physical and mental health settings for over 20 years.


Clair has an extensive excellent knowledge base and experience of working with young people and has the ability to engage them through her therapeutic creativity to identify their strengths and uniqueness. 

Clair is the parent to a superhero neurodiverse son and has personal and professional experience in relation to sensory processing issues, pathological demand avoidance, challenging behaviors, ARFID (Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder) along with communication & interaction with autism, SEMH and learning disabilities.

Clair also has a podcast entitled "The Girl Behind The Smile" which airs weekly on a Friday with raw and honest conversations on mental health & neurodiversity.

eMotion in motion’s ethos is to empower young people between the ages of 12 & 25 through dance, Hip Hop culture & psycho-education.


Our aim is to utilise what is familiar to young people to engage and help create positive change build resilience, increase socialisation, create positive emotional release/regulation and build life skills in a safe and non-judgemental environment supported by specialists and professionals in mental health and dance.


Our long term goal within this project is to a achieve to develop a nationwide therapeutic evidence based creative practice implementing and achieving goals set out by government policies and initiatives (Future in mind – promoting, protecting and improving our children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing DOH, 2015 & The Government’s Green Paper on mental health: failing a generation, 2018).


Our belief is that dance has the ability to change attitudes, challenge perceptions and improve social and cultural cohesion within communities. Dance is broadly universal and crosses cultural barriers, with almost every culture rooted in some type of dance form. Different dance styles/genres have different dimensions; some primarily provide a physical workout, other social togetherness or an expressive multi-dimensional creative outlet.

Young people in deprived and inner city areas are often described as being at risk and are often exposed to various risk factors in their communities that may have a negative impact on their quality of life. Some of these risk factors include socioeconomic status, reduced access to adequate services such as healthcare, poor schools, substance abuse, violence and unstable homes. These factors can increase rates of depression educational failure, addiction, unemployment, incarceration, poverty and death (Daniel & Camilleri, 2007)

The aim of this project is to engage and empower young people. The predominant target population will be deprived areas within Nottingham and East London. We aim to engage young people who are at risk from expulsion from school, who are seen as a child in need via social care, work with youth offending teams and child and mental health services. We also will work closely with the local education authority to support young people within alternate provisions who have educational health care plans and engage and educate young people within school and colleges, who are at risk of developing a mental health diagnosis due to social and environmental factors

Vision & Mission

What people say about us...

"Clair is extremely knowledgeable she made the sessions dynamic and creative which I really enjoyed.”

"Clair was patient & understanding. She made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence to open up and get involved in the sessions”.